I Am Bandana

        The Power of Words

        We have been told for many years how important positive affirmations are to create a positive outlook and change negative shadows that can creep in our mind preventing us from achieving & becoming all we are capable of.   

          In recent years for many forward thinkers it has been clear that the words & thoughts we allow to enter our minds directly affect our entire life. They change the vibrations we send out to the world. Attracting those thoughts. Thus creating the world we live in.


 These Bandanas Pack a Positive Punch

Dr. Emoto spent his life studying  “Words in Water”. His findings showed that positive & negative words did in fact affect water crystals. That is crazy! If words effect water…. Wait we are made up of over 60% water! That means words effect us on a very sub  level


How to make the Most of this Bandana

First read all of the words on the Bandana aloud, opening your heart to each and every I Am you read letting yourself believe every word. Once you have taken in all of the words on the Bandana it will then be ready to be worn. The words you have just read aloud will be on You, and not just, on you,  but on your Head!! Wear this bandana during a workout, on a rough day, or just everyday you want to be surrounded by positive uplifting words